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[filmscanners] Re: SS4000 & SCSI under Vista


My plan is to keep a 32-bit machine around for the SS120 and My old
Epson Stylus Photo 1200.  Then upgrade my main computer to XP 64.  An
Epson tech told me last year that that he could send me the 64-bit
drivers for my Epson 1640 scanner, however, I didn't ask him to do that
and I still do not see a 64-bit driver, twain or otherwise, on Epson's
website - that seems to support what you're saying about 32-bit Twain
drivers working on 64-bit systems.  Epson does have 64-bit drivers for
my R2400.

After I upgrade to a 64-bit OS, I'll try installing the Polaroid drivers
on the new system.



Laurie@advancenet.net wrote:
> Jim,
> Most of the scanners up until currently used TWAIN drivers and there were no
> universal 64 bit TWAIN standards or specs as was the case for 32 bit twain
> drivers; hence, no 64 bit TWAIN drivers were ever produced at any time.  The
> net result was that there were no scanners that would work on 64 bit
> operating systems as 64 bit scanners.  I am not really sure; but I think
> that the 32 bit TWAIN drivers will work under the 64 bit Windows XP
> operating system.  As far as I know, there will be no 64 bit Twain drivers
> being developed for any of the brands or types of scanners in the future.
> The newer flatbed scanners have gotten much better in terms of their quality
> and optical resolutions; but I still think they are lacking if one is
> scanning small format film with the intent of enlarging the images to
> anything beyond 8 x 10 without resorting to the use good high quality
> interpolation methods or of cropping out segments of the image for
> enlargement.  Some of these scanners may in the future come out with 64 bit
> drivers if there is a market for 64 bit; but it will either be in the form
> of WMA compliant drivers for use with MICROSOFT 64 bit operating systems and
> not TWAIN drivers (since I do not believe that Apple has a 64 bit operating
> system or plans to come out with one in the near future - but I could be
> wrong).  I have the feeling that Microsoft's WMA protocol will become the
> standard for scanner drivers even if Apple comes out with a 64 bit OS.
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>> Sent: Monday, February 11, 2008 11:48 AM
>> To: laurie@advancenet.net
>> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: SS4000 & SCSI under Vista
>> I believe none of the Polaroid scanners are being supported beyond
>> 32-bit Windows XP or the same era Mac OS.  About a year ago I contacted
>> Polaroid, asking them if they would be providing 64-bit drivers for my
>> SprintScan 120.  I had recently upgraded to a 64-bit computer.
>> Polaroid
>> informed me that the SS120 had been out of production for more than
>> three years and no driver updates would be forthcoming.
>> Does anyone have any knowledge of the quality of today's flatbed
>> scanners?
>> Great to see active dialog on this list!
>> Jim
>> Bob Geoghegan wrote:
>>> While we're talking about SCSI scanners under current OSs, how 'bout
>> Vista?
>>> I'm running an SS4000 on a Win XP laptop through an Adaptec 1480B.
>> The card
>>> is supported under Vista, but I don't know what to expect for the
>> scanner.
>>> Bob G
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>>> halftone@troutcom.com
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>>> To: bobgeo@dgiinc.com
>>> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: SCSI support on a Mac Pro
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