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[filmscanners] Re: was: RE: SS4000 & ...now: mean people suck

Hi, everyone. As a long-term Brit I can assure you that this is not a
cultural matter: we're not generally uncouth, and we don't often get out
of bed on the wrong side, which seems to have been the fate of Mr
Harrison. We generally prefer a stab at humour to make a point and avoid
direct insults.

Your affectionately


PS trimming: in Outlook (as here in Thunderbird) you just select the
unwanted  text and press delete

Tony Sleep wrote:
> On 16/02/2008 Arthur Entlich wrote:
>> I won't quote it, but George's comment was as clear as the nose on my
>> face. It was  hostile, very directed, and IMHO, very inappropriate.
> On a hunch, I just checked, and George is a Brit, posting from a
> BTinternet address. There is actually a cultural collision here in style
> of expression. Americans are, IME, extremely polite (perhaps because you
> never know who is carrying a concealed handgun:) and do have a certain
> formality to their writing style. You see this not only on lists but
> across US publishing, serious newspapers maintain a formality of style
> that has largely disappeared in UK after the London 'Times' began using
> photos on the front page about 30 years ago. To Brits, US prose often
> seems turgid and verbose. I guess UK expression must often seem uncouth
> and intrusively direct.
> I think maybe that accounts for the different perceptions here. To my mind
> George's expression was tetchy and direct but not intended to cause
> offence, just to make a frustrated point - which I took to anyway be about
> quoting. However for Art in Canada and Laurie in USA, it seems to have
> crossed a line.
> Not making excuses, but hoping we can understand and move on.
> --
> Regards
> Tony Sleep
> http://tonysleep.co.uk

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