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Re: filmscanners: Moir pattern in scan

Yes, I believe I have images on file of the same building.

Where did you see the Moiré?  If it is on the monitor, can it be removed
or altered by viewing the image at a different magnification?  If so, it
may not really be there other than at certain pixel interpolations
on your screen.  If it appears regardless of the magnification on the
screen, try a different scanning resolution, or alter the method of
interpolation you use when altering the size.

Regarding the black result in Photoshop, are you bringing in a "raw"
scan?  Although theoretically you can fix a raw scan via curves and
such, bringing in an adjusted image from the Insight program might give
a more sane starting point to work from in Photoshop.


Herb Bauer wrote:

  > Hi everyone,
  > I have a photograph of a tall building which has many thin lines running
  > vertically along its complete length - you know which one. Scanning
the old
  > Kodachrome 64 slide on a Polaroid SS4000 with PolaColor Insight 
makes the
  > building look terrible because of a very pronounced Moiré effect. Is
there a
  > remedy? On a related note, although the scan looks OK in Insight, it
  > almost black in Photoshop 6. I find that very strange, my scans from
  > negatives work great.
  > Thanks!
  > Herb


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