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[inet-admins] Just FYI... Re: To Ascend, or not to Ascend...? (fwd)

Basil (Vasily)  Dolmatov   dol@east.ru        +7-095-956-4951

East Connection ISP, Moscow, Russia. (http://www.east.ru)

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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 15:50:46 -0500 (CDT)
From: Chad Kissinger <chad@onr.com>
To: inet-access@earth.com
Subject: Re: To Ascend, or not to Ascend...?

Never, ever, try to flash a Pipeline product.  It doesn't work... I've 
had three 400's do the same thing and several 50's.  We just make them 
RMA them now.... expensive way to software upgrade if you ask me.  I 
guess that's the price you pay for selling stuff that doesn't work.

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Edward Fang wrote:

> Make sure you get Ascend support.  Since their product has always had some
> problems (at least we've had them) and they really rake and kill you on
> fixing their problematic hardware.
> Just yesterday, we had an older Ascend Pipe400 unit that fell out of
> warranty (that was our fault, since we didn't keep up with it).  However,
> since somebody was using a Cisco to connect to it and causing it to reboot
> every few minutes (a *very* common Ascend software problem) - Ascend
> support asked us to flash the unit with the latest software.  Well guess
> what - our tech staff flashed it and it no longer responds.  Well for a
> unit with a software configuration problem (probably nvram), Ascend wants
> to charge you $650 (no hardware faults) for a lousy software re-config. 
> Moral of the story - make sure you have support or they *WILL*
> rip you off, becuase you *will* have random reboot or flash upgrade
> problems (this is the third Ascend unit that we have had flash problems).
> Ed
> On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Eric Hake wrote:
> :I am in the process of specing out an ISP, and I have read the FAQ, surfed
> :the web, seen the Ascend seminars videos, etc...  After many hours of
> :research and reading the messages here, I am dying to ask a question!
> :
> :I have read the Ascend material that they graciously sent me about their
> :MAX 4004, etc...  The concept of digital modems really appeals to me, as
> :well as ISDN, etc.
> :
> :I want to run a network of BSDI boxes, with a MAX 4004, and 1-4 PRI lines
> :to start with... (or at least I think I do...)
> :
> :It appears from the posts that the Ascend units are well thought of, but
> :all the talk seems to be about Cisco's and USR's...  Is this just because
> :of the Cost difference?
> :
> :My question is this:  If I were to go with a primarily Ascend hardware
> :combination for a brand new ISP from the ground up, and BSDI boxes for most
> :everything else (Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, Web, Mail, WUFTP --
> :outsourcing News), would this be a good way to go?  
> :
> :Sorry for the newbie question, but the FAQ only mentions the Ascend
> :products in passing, and really favors Analog modem technology it seems.
> :
> :Eric
> :
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