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[inet-admins] Кое-какая статистика (мож кому интересно)

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I've spent a bit of time gathering info about mail exchangers for co.za
domains to get an idea what SMTP daemons are being used.  Here's a rough
stat of what being used:

Mail server           %
-----------           --

Sendmail              53
Microsoft Exchange    9
smap                  8
IMS                   5
Smail                 5
WindowsNT SMTP        4
Novell                3
Post.office           3
Netscape              3
Exim                  2
Lotus SMTP            2
Less than 2%: EMWAC, Apple, Connect2, Mercury, X1, AltaVista etc.

The information is not 100% correct because some little things like
CNAME'ing here and there stuffs it around.

Kriek Jooste
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