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Re: [inet-admins] Just FYI... Re: To Ascend, or not to Ascend...? (fwd)


> Never, ever, try to flash a Pipeline product.  It doesn't work... I've 
> had three 400's do the same thing and several 50's.  We just make them 
> RMA them now.... expensive way to software upgrade if you ask me.  I 
> guess that's the price you pay for selling stuff that doesn't work.

We monitor about two hundred Ascend boxes (different models) sold by our
company to 
different customers.
We do REGULAR remote software upgrade on most of them.
Yes we had several problems with config, flash, etc... but there were no
problem to fix all of them
(except 1 or 2 occasions).
All I can say about the problems described - RTFM and check from which part
of your 
body your hands are growing up. :-)



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