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[filmscanners] Re: film and scanning vs digital photography

Laurie@advancenet.net wrote:

>To put it simply, when you capture an image with a DSLR camera, you are in
>effect directly scanning the image transmitted by your lens into digital
>electronic form; you do not need to go through a second process in order to
>convert the analog capture on film into an electronic digital capture.  The
>first generation capture equivalent for film is when you transmit the image
>data from the lens to the film; scanning it into digital form later is a
>second generation capture.
This isn't quite accurate.  Digital Sensors actually use analogue
sensors.  They then translate the information via an A/D converter, to a
digital entity which is then either saved as is or further processed as

You are correct that this same process occurs with a film scanner, so
there are extra translations going on (Film image (and all that entails
to get to that point) to electro-optical sensor image to digital file

> Of course there can be some of this in play as well; but it probably has

>more to do with Getty knowing the demands of their clients and wanting to
>play it safe by insisting on equipment and processes that they are familiar
>with and know will produce that quality rather than taking the risk of
>having to spend time sorting through submissions which come from sources,
>equipment, and processes that they are not familiar with and cannot be sure
>are up to their needs.  Sometimes better equipment does produce better and
>more reliable results on a more consistent basis. Would you readily accept a
>prescription from an unknown drugstore that bore an unfamiliar brand name on
>it and was prescribed by a doctor who had a degree from a medical school
>that you never heard of and whose license to practice medicine was of
>uncertain origins?

I would give Getty's requirements more credibility if they didn't limit
the digital cameras to certain models and brands, but rather stated a
resolution and sensor size (since noise is an issue).  Or what about ISO
for that matter.  A D200 image at ISO 1600 may be equivalent to a
smaller (physical sized) sensor at ISO 200 in those terms.


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