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[filmscanners] Re: Vuescan and 64bit Windows - Ed's reply

Whatever I buy I will stick with AMD.  A few years ago I had a problem
with an HP CD-R drive.  HP suspicioned that the problem was with AMD's
chipset drivers.  After I talked with AMD, they requested a full
description of my computer ("everything but the nut and screws"), and
they cloned my machine in their San Antonio lab.  They identified the
problem, sure enough it was in their chipset drivers, they called me
back to inform me, and they fixed it.  I don't know many companies that
would go that far to help.


Tony Sleep wrote:

>On 05/06/2006 James L. Sims wrote:
>>I am not impressed with ASUS web support.  After all the great reviews
>>about ASUS, that was a letdown.
>IME Asus are one of the better mfr's, with generally solid boards and a
>decent record of fixing things that don't quite work. I have used them a
>lot - 3 here at the moment. I'd also agree Gigabyte are solid. It seems
>the mobo market moves so fast that early BIOS and driver revisions are
>often flakey. www.amdmb.com is a very good support forum for all AMD
>boards, though overrun with crazed overclockers. If there's a known
>problem, it will usually be found there.
>One to avoid at all costs is DFI, the only mobo (Lan Party NF2) I have
>ever thrown away because it was so utterly broken. Superb press reviews,
>and hundreds of people at amdmb.com with boards that just could not be
>coerced away from terminal BIOS self-corruption. Mine even destroyed a
>CPU. They switched production from Taiwan (for the pre-production boards
>that press got) to China (for the crap punters got) and about 30-50% were
>rubbish. Most mfr's had trouble with early NF2 boards, but at least
>Gigabyte and Asus fixed theirs.
>Nowadays I deliberately lag a bit behind the cutting edge, it's cheaper
>and less frustrating and reliability is worth more than an extra 10-30% speed.
>Tony Sleep
>Tony Sleep

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