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[filmscanners] Re: Vuescan and 64bit Windows - Ed's reply


After I went through a miserable seven hours fighting a blue screen
error on startup after the first attempt at installing new chipset
drivers, I finally managed to get the new drivers installed and the
reader seems to be functioning properly.

I have responded to your questions below.

Incidentally, here is a description of the machine I'm running.

OS: Windows XP with SP 2 (32-bit)

Power Supply: Thermaltake (480 watt)
Mainboard: ASUS Model A8N-E; with Socket 939 (AMD-64 Dual core CPU)
RAM: 2gig 800mh FSB
IDE devices: 2
Raid devices: 2 (Raid0, mirrored- SLOW!)
Used USB resources: card reader (2 USB2 ports); printer (USB2 port);
scanner (USB port); trackball (USB port); scanner (1394 port); UPS
monitor (serial port).

Thanks for all the help.  Updating the drivers was good advice although
I am not impressed with ASUS web support.  After all the great reviews
about ASUS, that was a letdown.

Thanks again - just one of the may aspects I like about this group.


Charles Knox wrote:

>The 7-in-1 card reader may be marginal in its power requirement, and some
>motherboards are less robust than others in this department (some can
>comfortably handle up to 800mA, some struggle with 500, some even vary from
>one port to another) -- I suppose you've tried it in other ports?
The reader has its own power connection from the power supply - I have a
very good power supply.  I only have four internal USB terminals on the
MB and I have tried those four - that's in addition to the six ports on
the back of the machine which I haven't tried..

>How does it perform with a flash drive?
Any virtual drive will work when plugged into one of the spare USB ports
on the back of the machine. When the computer can't see the reader,
nothing will wake it up.

>For best results with USB you do need to be running XP SP1 or SP2 --
>there's a patch on M$ updates somewhere for the original verion of XP.
I have SP2 installed on the machine.

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