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[filmscanners] Ink-jet Print File Resolution; was: Pixels and Prints

Bob Frost (I believe it was) advocated sending 360ppi or 720ppi files to
a 720dpi desktop inkjet printer. It certainly makes intuitive sense that
on a 720dpi printer, a 720ppi file would work best. I haven't read
anything from other sources (that I consider reliable <wink, wink>)
advocating such high resolution for ink-jet printers. Are there some
other sources (besides Members Magic Eyes) that cite this?

I know in commercial printing circles where the highest quality work is
being done and where stochastic screening with 2540spi and higher
devices is used, there isn't a call for more than 300ppi or so of
original file resolution. These devices DO use very sophisticated
methods to determine spot frequency and placement, so maybe the
less-sophisticated ink-jet driver benefits from more resolution.

Bob, are you thinking that because bicubic (or whatever) resampling is
better than nearest-neighbor resampling that the print driver uses, that
it is better to control uppixeling BEFORE the file gets to the print
driver? I'm thinking (unsupported by much except navel-gazing) that the
print driver has so much to do with the file in converting RGB to CMYK
(or CcMmYKk or whatever) and determining where and what size to spurt
each drop of ink, that whether it gets one pixel per dot or four pixels
per dot won't make any visible difference in printing a photographic

This leaves out the consideration of other issues related to image
quality, particularly Unsharp Masking. I'm wondering whether appropriate
USM isn't so much important than additional resolution that discussing
one without the other is meaningless.

I don't mean this to sound argumentative. I really DON'T know whether
the higher res files print better or not, but I AM interesting in
learning. I just put more credence in theories and facts than in
opinions and uncontrolled observations.

Preston Earle

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