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[filmscanners] RE: Scanning Software Quality

I will take a shot at a few things.

A) If Vuescan by itself before using any other scanner software will scan
several images before crashing, it could be that the memory space (i.e.,
temporary storage space or RAM) used by the scanner as a scratch file or
pagefile where it stores the data generated by the scan and carries out its
manipulations is either too small in size, is full and in need of cleaning
or deletion of contents, contains orphaned files from previous scans that
did not delete automatically,is in need of defragmenting, or all of the

B)If Vuescan works prior to the use of any other scanner software (like
Polaroid Insight software which uses a twain driver) but crashes or fails to
work after the other software has been used during the same computer
session, it may be that the Vuescan driver ( which is different from  the
twain driver which Vuescan does not use) is in conflict with the twain
driver in that both drivers may be operational at the same time in terms of
the computer's operating system recognizing both simultaneously as installed
and useable such that they are competing for resources or in conflict.  In
regard to this, I have noted that twain driven software tends to install so
as to become registered in the registry so that it requires the software to
be uninstalled and reinstalled if you move it to a different location on
your hard drive; whereas Vuescan does not.  Thus, it is very possible that
the OS cannot regulate calls and traffic efficiently when both the twain
driver and the Vuescan driver exist in the same set up at the same time as
operating drivers, confusing the two and giving preference to sending orders
to the default twain driver rather than to the Vuescan driver when one trys
to use Vuescan after having used the other software prior to this.

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Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 9:39 AM
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Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Scanning Software Quality

Whoops...sorry, the last post came through with the sp
acing all messed up...this should fix it.

I am using
a Firewire card (two of them, one of which was supplie
d with the scanner and one of which was purchased sepa
rately...both Plug 'n Play and both operating other de
vices flawlessly including the scanner when using Pola
roid Insight scanner software).  I switched the scanne
r to the original card that came with it and the same
thing happened using VueScan (the latest version).  Le
t me be more specific to see if that will help with di
agnosis.  When I first download and use Vuescan it see
ms to work normally, though a scan does take longer wi
th it as compared to the Polaroid software. After doin
g several other things...ie looking at the
scanned ima
ge in Photoshop and /or closing Vuescan and using the
Polaroid software to make a comparison scan and then r
etrying Vuescan (this ultimately always seems to happe
n, so I am not really sure if it is related to doing t
hese other things with the computer or not) I try to u
se Vuescan and it crashes.  What seems to most frequen
tly happen is that the scanner will start to focus (it
 says focus 0%) at the bottom right of Vuescan and the
n it locks.  Nothing happens and all is frozen.  If I
try to shut Vuescan down it says that Vuescan is not r
esponding.  Then I try shutting it down with the Task
Manager, but it will not close using task manager eith
er.  Ultimately, the only way to shut it down is to tu
rn off the computer...and if I remember correctly I ca
n not do this through Windows either...Windows will no
t shut it down....I have to push the power button and
hold it in until the whole  system shuts down.  I then
 reboot and it takes some doing to get either Vuescan
or Polaroid Insight to recognize the scanner....I have
 to pull out the slide holder, shut the scanner off, t
urn it on and sometimes reboot.  Then it all seems to
work well, including Vuescan until the same thing occu
rs again.

I know I can go through the Vuescan diagnos
tics using Vuescan.ini (I believe) but I get the sense
 that this is going to take a whole lot of time and ef
fort (time is at a great premium) and still lead to no
t being able to use it without it crashing on my curre
nt system.   So, a few questions.....

1.Does the abov
e description of what happens provide any clues as to
what the problem is?

2.I rarely scan more than an ima
ge or two at once, so I could use Vuescan as is...it s
eems to work fine once or twice if I limit myself to j
ust doing a scan and nothing else and then closing Vue
scan down.  I do wonder though if it is working 'corre
ctly' in all respects under these circumstances, thoug
h the scan looks OK.

3. I could convert the scanner t
o USB and tolerate much longer scans. As I recall from
 when I first tried Vuescan under Firewire about 6 or
8 months ago and gave up for the same reasons as now..
.I believe it was working OK with the
scanner on a USB

Any ideas from these descriptions?


<<Are you using a firewire card, on-board firewire
, or the controller which came with the scanner?>>

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