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[filmscanners] Re: Dull Colors with FS4000 and another prob.

michael shaffer wrote:
> Doug writes ...
>>On Thu, 22 May 2003 11:48:58 +1000, Paul wrote:
>>>[...] Canon FS4000 scanner [...] colours always come out really
>>>really dull. [...]
>>I can't really help, but I can say that I've always gotten dull colors
>>when using Vuescan, but not when using FilmGetFS.  I've not spent the
>>time to figure out why.
>   My scanner is a Nikon, but with respect to Vs, I found its defaults to be
> very conservative relative to blackpoint, and flat scans can be the result.
> You might try setting Bp==0.10 to see if the contrast is improved.
>   The other question is ... is the scan flat, or undersaturated?  If the
> latter, you should make sure the color space settings are defined properly.

I too have been having trouble with colours in Vuescan (I use a Nikon
Coolscan IV but I don't think this is the issue). I expected the "Media
Type = Image" option to give the closest to original. But it results in
washed out colours and a dark scan. I have found the best option so far
is "Media Type = Slide" and "Colour Balance = None". But this still
leaves all the options for film brand/type so I am not completely happy yet.

My preference is to do any levels adjustment in photoshop.

With regard to your clipped highlights - are you following the workflow
suggestion in the user guide? i.e. lock the exposure after previewing a
"clear" section of film? I find that doing this and then using the
setting above gives good results - good highlights and shadows with no
clipping. This, at least makes sense to me - if you set exposure for a
clear slide (maximum hightlight) then it can't possibly overexpose any
of your images. I'm not so sure about the colours though? Results are
completely different with the Nikon s/w.


> cheerios ... shAf  :o)
> Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland
> www.micro-investigations.com

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