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  • From: "bryce hashizume" <bwv812@hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 01:56:02 -0700
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>Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 12:44:44 -0600
>From: "Lloyd O'Daniel" <lodaniel@bham.rr.com>
>Our wrath is directed at enemy SOLDIERS. Getting shot at is part of the
>business of being a soldier. Saddam's forces target their civilians and,
>indirectly, ours. Big difference. Besides, your facts are wrong. Our
>bombing has reduced the effectiveness of the Republican Guard units by 50%.
>That doesn't mean that they have taken 50% casualties. It means tanks,
>artillery pieces, ammunition dumps, fuel, etc., reducing their ability to
>wage war by half. I can assure you that no intelligent Iraqi soldier is
>sleeping inside their vehicle now.
>At least your last name and your anti-USA point of view is consistent.

Ok, I agree with Paul that this is really off topic, but it doesn't seem any
less of topic than the copious and worthless discussions about hard-drive
lifespans and various ways of calculating them. That being the case, I'll
feel free to chime in on this topic.... and I'll apologize for doing so when
all other OT posters apologize for their equally OT remarks.

To say the US doesn't target civilians is ludicrous. In the past week 2
markets in Baghdad have been hit by precision missiles, but it seems that
such strikes are forgiveable in a way that directly shooting at civilians is
not. If we take a historical look at things, the US has adopted a very
callous atitude to the civilian populations of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam
with their carpet bombing practices there, killing hundreds of thousands of
innocent civilians. Let's not forget that the US used to support Saddam and
his murderous ways, either, such as when Rumsfeld went to Iraq to support
Saddam and provid him with military aid at the same time that Saddam was
using his "weapons of mass destruction" against the Kurds in the 80's.

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