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[filmscanners] Re: Tweaking RAw files

Austin & Alessandro,

Thanks for replying. It might have sounded like a daft question, but I saw
that NikonScan can save files as .NEF files instead of .TIF's when used as a
standalone program with CM off, but I didn't know whether you could tweak
the .NEF files in Bibble or Capture as you can with camera output.

I tried it, and yes the .NEF files from NikonScan will open in Capture and
you can use Curves etc on them, but the Advanced Raw options such as
Exposure and White balance are greyed out. So the answer to my question is
NO, but I can't see what the purpose of having the NEF option in NikonScan

Having just said that, I thought "I suppose I had better read the
instructions!" as I'm always telling others to do. And lo and behold, the
NEF format is basically there for the same reason as in camera output - you
can save your modifications in NikonScan alongside the original data in a
.NEF file and go back and re-edit the file in NikonScan without altering the
original data. But of course, as Austin said, the original data is different
to that of a camera.

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Alessandro Pardi" <alessandro.pardi@inferentiadnm.com>

Hi Bob,

I always work with raw files I get from Vuescan: as Austin said, they're
plain tif files, and Vuescan apparently saves them with profile information,
so that when I open them in Photoshop I get the profile conversion dialog
with my scanner's profile selected.
I only scan B&W images, and raw files give me the best in flexibility (e.g.
I can pick the green channel only, which with my Canon FS4000 is by far the
sharpest and less noisy). If you work with color images, though, getting the
colors right may be a tough job: that's where a proper software helps most.

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