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[filmscanners] Digital Darkroom Computer Builders?

  • To: lexa@lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Digital Darkroom Computer Builders?
  • From: "" <gannet@intnet.net>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 13:31:18 -0400
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I'll apologize right up front for the cross-posting, in case you see
this same question elsewhere.  My excuse is that I'm not doing this
because I'm lazy or in a hurry.  Rather, I've been poking at this
question for a while in various places and I'm getting zero answers or
leads.  I also think this question may be of interest to many besides

The question is: does anyone know of any PC builders who are offering
machines specifically tailored for the digital darkroom (DD)?

You can get specialty gaming machines, digital audio workstations, 3D
graphics workstations, digital video workstations, etc., etc., but I'm
not seeing any PCs optimized for DD work.

Yes, I can certainly spec out my own machine from a custom builder,
and in fact I'm looking around at various builders to do just that.
The problem is that there is a dearth of machines and options
applicable to DD work.  For example, massive RAM and massive storage
are a given.  Data redundancy and dual processors are highly
desirable.  Absolute max CPU speed is nice but not really that
important, and 3D graphics speed is not important.  The usual "custom
machine starting points" you see on websites simply aren't geared for
this.  Server class boxes are usually the only ones that come close,
and they often have other unneeded features.

As an editorial comment, I think these vendors are missing out on a
market.  Why is it that we have lots of people lined up to pay
multi-4-figure and 5-figure amounts for digital SLR systems, and yet
these same folks are expected to limp along with an inadequate
computer or else learn to be a hardware guru themselves and put one
together?  I think there's money laying on this table.

Maybe I'm all wrong and these vendors are out there.  If so, please
point me to them.


St. Petersburg, Florida

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