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[filmscanners] RE: No more Kodak CD-R's

I see that TDK have a CD-R product designed for photo storage, although I
haven't seen them in stock anywhere. I doubt the discs are any different
from their other high-quality data disks - they've just got more space for
writing on. TDK reckon CD-Rs have an archival life of 100 years with careful
storage. Also they reckon we don't need gold.

>From TDK CD-R faq:

"Is is true that silver CD-Rs are not as reliable for long-term storage as

Short answer: NO.

Long answer: In TDK's Reflex Mirror Tuning, the pure silver reflective layer
is sealed with a highly refined protective coating. The components are
non-reactive with silver and protect against reactions with both the dye
layer and the lacquer overcoat. Bonded in a hermetically sealed structure,
the silver layer is also completely protected from reactions with
atmospheric oxygen. With use of this protective layer, third-generation
Certified Plus CD-R match gold CD-R in long-term archival stability, and
carry a rated life span of more than 100 years."

Personally I'd like to know about independent testing, although any tests
will almost certainly have been done by elevating temperature & humidity to
simulate the passage of time. Epson did that with inkjet prints only to find
their ink & paper combinationreacted to environmental ozone and under
admittedly unusual circumstances prints started going orange in months...

BTW there is one important issue raised in another TDK faq - how long do you
think the hardware is going to be around for? (All I know is my old prints
are fading, my slides are getting spotty & I've had two hard drives die in
the last year!)

Mike Brown

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> From: filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk
> [mailto:filmscanners_owner@halftone.co.uk]On Behalf Of Robert Logan
> Sent: 17 October 2002 12:46
> To: mike.brown@mindblown.com
> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: No more Kodak CD-R's
> Im thinking the same thing (I've also ordered another 100
> Kodaks from the UK site - I can imagine their distro manager
> getting excited at the sudden attention). What brands are
> good - how do we know - how do we know theyre not rebadged ...
> Im one of those aware that I will be reconsidering this in
> the light of DVD-R taking over from CD - archival quality
> will again become important. But then again, a 200 Gig disk
> can hold a lot of archive data, and isnt that expensive, and
> is a lot faster ... and still has at least a 1 year warranty.
> This thread 'scared' me into rushing out to the garage, and up
> to the loft, to get some very old CDRs (3 years) to check their
> state - besides some apalling scans (Vuescan wasnt as good ...)
> not one has gone bad. All dark stored/ dry conditions.
> Where / who are the CDR archival reviews/ers.
> bert
> Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> > None of this reassures me.  How were you able to tell where the
> Memorex CDs
> > were actually manufactured?
> >
> > And if Memorex is no good, and Kodak has given up, where can I find very
> > good CD-Rs?  I use these CD-Rs for archiving, so the longer
> they last, the
> > better.
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