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[filmscanners] Re: No more Kodak CD-R's

Some Memorex disks are probably just fine... but the question is which
ones. There are some free very small utilities, one called
CDRIdentifier.exe, which reads the manufacturer's info and even the type
of dye and real space on the disk.  I think Tucows has it (and I'm sure
other download sites).

I would think that disks made by companies like Fuji, Sony, Verbatim and
maybe the higher end Maxell would be OK.  Several companies are now
hyping longer lasting disks at a premium price.

I know about a year or so ago, I checked a web site which had a bunch of
scientific analysis of CD-R material, and they were suggesting the 650mb
disks were safer to use than the 700MB due to the 700MB either requiring
higher density (and therefore being more cramped) or because the writer
had to use another area of the disk, or both (I can't recall).

The Mitsui gold disks should still be available for now, although at the
price they are going for, I suspect they are clearing them out. I just
can't believe they can be profitable at those prices.


Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> None of this reassures me.  How were you able to tell where the Memorex CDs
> were actually manufactured?
> And if Memorex is no good, and Kodak has given up, where can I find very
> good CD-Rs?  I use these CD-Rs for archiving, so the longer they last, the
> better.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Arthur Entlich" <artistic-1@shaw.ca>
> To: <anthony@atkielski.com>
> Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 10:51
> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: No more Kodak CD-R's
> I don't know about the warranties in France, but here in Canada, Memorex
> is one of the only companies which has only a one year warranty on their
> CD-R/CDRW disks.  I know a guarantee isn't much help if you lose
> irretrievable data, but I think it says something about the company's
> faith in the product.  Most other companies offer unlimited lifetime
> warranties on their disks.
> Also, be aware Memorex does not make disks, they are a re-brander.  When
> I used to buy their disks, I used a little utility to find out who the
> manufacturer was, and they were all over the map.  I don't think that is
> a good indication of repeatable quality or reliability.
> BTW, Memorex did originally also offer a lifetime warranty on their CD-R
> disks, so something happened that changed their mind.
> Further, when I was in correspondence with Memorex about the fact that I
> bought several packages of CD-Rs which stated lifetime warranty on the
> outer packaging and "one year from purchase date" on the inside, they
> first denied they ever made lifetime warranted disks, they then asked me
> to scan the cover packaging and email it to them, which I did, at which
> point they claimed I has altered it!
> I finally told them if they did not refund my money, and pay for my
> wasted time, I was going to send the info onto several trade magazines.
>   They produced a check and an apology.
> During all this, one service tech I spoke to told me her disks Memorex
> CD-Rs were failing regularly, and she worked for the company.
> These days Memorex is just a licensed name.  The products can come from
> anywhere. (Mine were Fuji, as it turned out, and interestingly enough,
> the Fuji's I had were made by yet another company still, and they came
> with a lifetime warranty...)
> Art

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