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[filmscanners] Re: film departing soon

We have several local digital labs here providing everything from color
laser prints to digitally produced silver based prints to prints
produced with archival inks and papers (giclee).  All of these produce
fairly permanent results, and in fact some and even better than normal
silver photography or watercolor images, which people seem to buy
without much pause.

I personally think it is not quite ethical to sell expensive prints that
do not have a reasonable chance of being archived under standard display
conditions.  A greeting card or $20 8x10 is one thing, but if one is
selling large format images at substantial prices or even small images
at substantial prices, I think they should at least inform their buyer
as to the expected permanence, and under what conditions the image is
more likely to fail.

Perhaps eventually a standard will be made and one will buy rights to
use a seal or logo that is registered and authorized for people using
materials tested to meet that standard.


Stephen wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> Can you explain a bit more on what is being asked for?  What do you mean by
> "fiber?"  What do you mean by "digital fiber?"  Are ink jet prints
> acceptable if they are done on the right paper?   If not, what type of
> printer is acceptable?
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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> From: "HPA" <tom@historicphotoarchive.com>
> To: <slb1@humboldt1.com>
> Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2002 7:44 AM
> Subject: [filmscanners] film departing soon
>>I have a full digital darkroom, and chemical as well.  The market is
> strong
>>in both.  Digital prints are selling very well, if priced right ($10-12
>>wholesale, $20-30 retail, for 11x14). Many young people who are trying to
>>get art photography shows in this region are finding that even coffee
> shops
>>will not hang inkjet prints anymore, they need real prints, and that art
>>buyers are wising up and asking for fiber.  I am focusing now on digital
>>fiber.  I can tell you there is a big demand there right now.  Also, all
> the
>>calendar and coffee-table book photographers that I personally know are
>>still required by their contracts to shoot on 4x5, with exceptions granted
>>when impossible and they can use medium or miniature format film for
>>particular shots.
>>Tom Robinson,
>>Portland, Oregon USA
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