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[filmscanners] Archiving and when to sharpen (was: Color spaces for differentpurposes)

>Sharpness cannot be restored, it can only be simulated.  Sharpening causes
>deterioration in image quality, so it should be avoided until the image is
>about to be prepared for a specific use.  I archive all my images without

Agree.  This is how I do mine.  I'll do all the crop, tonal and other 
adjustments -- except resizing -- and archive that photoshop psd file (and the 
original vuescan raw scan file).  Then for specific "purposing" I'll resize or 
resample as appropriate and sharpen as a last step before sending file to its 
destination.  As this discussion has pointed out, the specific actions for 
purposing will be different depending on the use and destination.  Even 
sharpening: some places will do their own sharpening (as mentioned).  If I know 
this then I'll only lightly sharpen edges (a first stage of a two pass 
sharpening process, described in a Creativepro article by Bruce Fraser at 
<www.creativepro.com/story/feature/12189.html?origin=story>).  This article 
addresses one of the discussion items of this thread here: in Fraser's words 
"one of the important questions about sharpening: When in the image-editing 
process should you sharpen?"

Another aspect of purposing, different for different destinations, is the file 
format.  I've had more than one publicist and publisher request that I provide 
(email, ftp) a jpeg in preference to a tiff because of the file size.  (For 
this I use a high/maximum quality in photoshop terms: 10 to 12.)

Bob Shomler

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