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[filmscanners] Re: Color spaces for different purposes

On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 11:41:40AM +0200, Tomek Zakrzewski wrote:
> What color spaces is best to choose for the following purposes:
> - printed material, for example a magazine or a photographic book
> - stock photography (image bank)
> - inkjet
> I want to scan my images in the most appropriate color space for the purpose
> but don't want to use some exotic ones. I'd prefer to stick to widely used
> color spaces (but which ones?)
> I'm thinking of a small private image bank with my photographs so that I can
> sell a licence to use my images in different publications easily. Apart from
> the color space, I'd also like to know whether I should perform sharpening,
> although it should be the last stage in image processing and whether grain
> suppression is advisable (I can hear people moaning about lack of sharpness
> and big grain in images from 4000dpi scanners - they don't realize they are
> looking at very big pictures on their monitors).

Personally I do some sharpening for an archival image that may end up going
to different outputs. This is only a minor sharpening to restore the
sharpness of the original which is almost always softened by the scanning
process. Most images will benefit from further sharpening when targeting for
a specific output but this should not really be done for an archival copy.

As for colourspace - Adobe RGB is a good bet as it has a reasonable gamut.
It's quite important to embed the colourspace profile in the image so the
image can easily be converted to other spaces if needed. If you think that
others may not be able to handle colourspace information it might be wiser
to choose one with a more narrow gamut such as sRGB.

Tony Terlecki
Running Debian/GNU 2.2 Linux

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