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[filmscanners] Re: Recommendation for a 2 1/4 film scanner

Of the three, and yes, they all do provide 2.25x2.25" film scans, the
only one I would consider is the SS120, especially for real B+W films
(as opposed to chromogenic c-41 process films).

Both the Minolta and Nikon have dice (IR cleaning) which does not
function with true silver based B&W films.  You are paying good money
for these features.  In the case of both scanners, dICE is quite
necessary, because both tend to emphasize dust, dirt and scratches,
which is why the dICE is incorporated.  But that doesn't help you with
true B&W films.

The SS120 doesn't have dICE, and it also doesn't really require it,
because it uses a lighting method which diminished dirt, dust and scratches.

There is a plug in and stand alone software program by Polaroid which is
free which is a software solution for color films to remove dust and
scratches, although it is less robust than the dICE for this type of work.

The SS120 comes with Silverfast 5.5 and Polaroid Insight.

The Nikon 8000 suffers from shallow depth of field, due to the nature of
the design. Many people have returned their units due to this.  The
SS120 has wide depth of field, so the whole image stays in focus even if
it is slightly warped.

Lastly, the Nikon suffers from a banding problem which is remedied by
using only one third of the sensors, slowing the scan time down to
one-third.  If a person scans a medium format frame using this method
(to avoid banding) and further uses dICE IR cleaning, it takes a long
coffee break just to scan one image.


Francoise Frigola wrote:

> Hi,
> A client of mine, a professional photographer is looking to switching to
> digital.
> He mainly shoots B/W with  Hasselblad cameras, only occasionally 35mm.
> What would you recommend in the 4000 dip range?
> Best shadow/highlight scans?
> Do any or all of these handle 2 1/4 film?
> - Nikon SuperCoolScann 8000ED
> - Polaroid PrintScan 120
> - Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro 4800dpi
> Thanks,
> Francoise Frigola
> Original Inkjet Prints in Multiple ~ Sculpture
> http://www.pe.net/~franou/

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