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[filmscanners] Re: Recommendation for a 2 1/4 film scanner

Your choice makes "some" sense, because you aren't shooting B&W film,
although the scan times or potential banding and poor DOF still are
there no matter which film stock you use.

Although the person asking didn't state which B&W films his client is
using, if it is true B&W, and not chromogenic C-41 process B&W, the
LS-8000 has no beneficial features and a lot of "negatives".


Bo Wrangborg wrote:

> My choice was
> Nikon 8000ED
> Vuescan Software (For sure not Nikon software)
> www.hamrick.com  40$ Remarkable software!
> Film for B/W - Fuji Reala 100 ASA Pro (color) -
> converted
> in chanelmixer of Photoshop to B/W.
> Very wide EV latitude - a bit "flat" but I take
> advantage of that changing in channeelmixer (insted of
> using filter on the shooting spot) too boost use hue,
> saturatin and of cause brightness/contrast.
> If doing a picture over 60x60 cms - Use zone system
> carefully and use a chrome-film - grain is less there.
> Convert to B/W in. photoshop. But object must be in
> proper light as EV latitude for chromes are less.
> But when light AND a scilled photographer get *that*
> *light* and can use it - it's outstanding - however
> the chrome has to be able to be "shoot" and developed
> so it contains all the subtile shadows - a hard task!
> Zone sytem (Anselm Adams - but modifyied to "digital"
> post prossesing in Photoshop)
> My Camera is for MF Hasselblade only!!!!
> I use Minolta Multi Pro - for 35 mm it has an true
> 4800 dpi resulution for 35 mm and 3200 dpi for MF.
> (Here also the rule is, when going negatives - color
> and B/W - Vuescan at http://www.hamrick.com )
> For those going chromes - this is also a remarkable
> scanner!
> Bu you did ask for true 4000 dpi!
> Fiat Lux! (Let there be light!)
> and
> Best Regards
> Bo Wrangborg
> Moderator of "multipro" at Yahoo groups
> --- Francoise Frigola <franou@pe.net> wrote:
>>A client of mine, a professional photographer is
>>looking to switching to
>>He mainly shoots B/W with  Hasselblad cameras, only
>>occasionally 35mm.
>>What would you recommend in the 4000 dip range?
>>Best shadow/highlight scans?
>>Do any or all of these handle 2 1/4 film?
>>- Nikon SuperCoolScann 8000ED
>>- Polaroid PrintScan 120
>>- Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro 4800dpi
>>Francoise Frigola

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