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[filmscanners] Which is better - Canon, Nikon, Minolta - Please advise...

  • To: lexa@lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Which is better - Canon, Nikon, Minolta - Please advise...
  • From: "Douglas P. Rousso" <doug@rousso.net>
  • Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 17:03:14 -0700
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Hi All,
I'm in the market for a film scanner. I will primarily scan 35mm color negs
and aps film. I've narrowed my choice to the Nikon FS40 (IV ED), Canon
FS4000 and the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II. I do not intend to print
anything higher than 8x10 with a majority of my scans going to 5x7 and the
web.  I've read the archives here and found each has its issues. I've also
read all the postings about the Polaroid SS4000 and SS4000+. In the US, I
can't seem to find the older SS4000, but the SS4000+ is about $1200.00us. A
bit too much for my budget. Although I've not seen any comlaints about this
scanner! WOW.

Here's the details;
If I went with the canon, I'd have to buy a SCSI-II card for another 40-50
bucks and have no other SCSI requirements. In fact, firewire is the way to
go! but the FS4000 doesn't support IEEE1394 (firewire). I have not yet been
swayed that DPI is the only messure of a good scanner and from what I can
tell, multisampling more than makes up for the higher dpi scanners (at a
speed penalty). From all the reviews I've read, all three scanners perform
well although
the canon is slow even when SCSI connected. The older Minolta elite actually
beat the FS4000 in the following review at Macworld

Software is not an issue because all are supported in VueScan. What to do?
I've read through this entire group and seem to find many other groups as
well who have expressed the same issues you all discuss, grinding noises,
streaks, dark noise, color correction probs, etc. I'd really like an fair
opinion from any of you who have experience with other vendor's scanners.

I'm leaning way over toward the Minolta right now mostly because its
firewire. I noticed that there have not been any recent postings about the
elite II and am wondering if Minolta has managed to cleanup their production
line and are now producing quality hardware...

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated....

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