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[filmscanners] Re: Re:Computer size(New Topic)

On Saturday, May 11, 2002 8:39 AM, Rob "Op's"
<martin@wollongong.apana.org.au> wrote:

>200M scan file size.
>I now have a P3 800  / 780M ram  + scratch disk.

That should be OK, if you have allocated enough RAM for PS. Try 75%.

>This  is using sometimes 3G  PShop memory

The History (undo) list eats a lot of scratch space. It is only used
when you go back in the history. Before a batch operation set the number
of History levels to 1.

>and is taking heaps of time to process.

With too little RAM allocated to PS, the image will be constantly
re-read from the scratch disk, methinks.

>What is the consensus to upgrade to a working configuration?

Well, my PhotoShop knowledge is a little rusty, but I have experienced
how amazingly well it has handled relatively large image files (compared
to e.g. PaintShop and PhotoPaint). But it takes a good amount of time to
*open* (to disk cache) a large file, if disk access is a bottleneck -
i.e. if the source file is on the same physical disk as the
scratch/cache file, or if the disk is slow, or if the disk buffer is

If your harddisk is of the non-fast variety then add a new, silent, big,
fast disk (for the scratch file), e.g. a WD1200JB (the one with an 8MB

Take a look at your system monitor to see if PS is actually using the
RAM you have installed - your PS allocation may be way too small
(experiment, keep e.g. 100 MB RAM free for other tasks, monitor usage
once in a while, especially during scanning).

BUT (important) start by optimizing Windows for your needs! Tips below.
It's scary how much resource-wasting crap any Microsoft OS or
application installs by default, without obvious ways to turn it off.

If MS Office is installed, remove/disable FastFind/Indexing/Search or
whatever they call it currently.

In Explorer->Tools->FolderOptions, select "Classic" style, and un-check
- "Remember each folder's view settings"
- "Hide file extensions for known file types"
- "Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items".

In Desktop properties:
- under Background, select "(None)" for Pattern and Wallpaper.
- under Appearance, select "Windows Standard" for the Desktop item
- under Effects, un-check "Animate windows, menus and lists"

In the ControlPanel "TweakUI" (this for v1.33, see below)
on the "General" tab, un-check all "animation" & "hot tracking" items,
on the "IE" tab, un-check these:
- "Allow Active Desktop to be turned on/off"
- "Allow changes to Active Desktop"
on the "Boot" tab, un-check "Display splash screen while booting"

For XP you can get some powertoys (including TweakUI) here:
I have no experience with these XP-versions of the powertoys.

Otherwise get TweakUI 1.33 here:
Unpack it (it's basically just a zip-file), then right-click on the inf
file and click install. Close the popped-up help window. TweakUI is then
found as a Control Panel.

Oh by the way, don't install any hungry services (e.g. MS SQL Server) on
your workstation.

/Peder Skyt

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