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[filmscanners] Re: LS2000 Coolscan shadow noise issues getting worse?

Les writes:

> Is there a good safe procedure for opening
> the scanner and accessing these parts?

Not necessary on the LS-2000.

Remove all adapters from the scanner.  Turn the scanner on, and wait until
it starts to advance the scan head towards the front of the scanner.  Turn
the scanner off a second or two before it reaches the forward limit of its
travel.  This makes the mirror and lens readily accessible through the
opening in the front of the scanner.  Then just blow away the dust, and
_carefully_ clean the mirror if necessary (the lens is usually clean, since
its axis is horizontal and it doesn't collect much dust, but you can clean
it if you want).  I use some lens tissue around a Q-tip, or just the Q-tip,
occasionally slightly moistened with Kodak lens cleaning fluid or distilled
water.  Works fine.

I've done this lots of times and I haven't noticed any degradation to the

Keeping the adapters out and the scanner door closed when not in use helps
retard the buildup of dust.

As for the 4000, I don't know how much it resembles the 2000 in this aspect.

And if anyone knows how to clean the 8000ED, I'd very much like to know how
to do it.  I worry a lot about what will happen if it gets dusty, although I
keep it wrapped in plastic with the door closed when I'm not using it.

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