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[filmscanners] Need some tips on Vuescan

Used to use VueScan (with colour Tps) before Nikon released the NikonScan
3.1.2 which now works without crashing (relatively speaking :]) on a dual
proc. system.

So, after i found that NS was now ok i gradually stopped using Vuescan for
various reasons... partciularly because of some hassles i faced with later
versions... Have downloaded the latest one and tried it again today...
basically the same problems... whicvh are as follows:

1/ The preview looks like hell.... bears no resemblance to the actual pic
2/ There's a difference between the preview and the final scan (thank god!).
The final scan seems much better.... But, i've alwasy found there to be a
slight shift (sometimes a more severe one) between the preview and the final
scan.... anyway...

Am obviously doing something wrong....  Here's the set up:

1/ Nikon 4000ED
Vuescan 7.5.23 (funny, the site said 7.5.22 :])

2/ Device
Film type 35mm slide
Mediatype B/W neg
Bits - 48 RGB
Prev res and scan res: 4000
Autofocus always (i know, i know but was just testing)
Number of samples 4
Long exposure - yes

3/ Filters - None

4/ Color
Tried Neutral, None and White balance
Black point 0
White point 0.01
Brightness 1 (For R, G, B also)
B/W vendor Kodak
B/W brand Pro (There's no option for Tri-X)
B/W type 100PRN
Monitor color space - Adobe RGB
File color space - Adobe RGB

Saved as 48Bit Tiff file....

OK, it's not a fair comparison but first i'd like to point out that one of
the reasons i stopped using VueScan was the previews were awful....  that
still seems to be the case...

Coming to the actual comparison with the NikonScan scan...

1/ NS is warmer...
2/ NS scan is much sharper... ok i did measure the focus points in NS but
didn't change the default settings as the neg seemed pretty flat.. wasn't
get more than a 6 point deviation across the entire surface.. anyway we can
ignore that for the time being.
3/ The VS scan is giving me colour artefacts... both in the preview and the
final scan

My basic grouse is bad previews and the color artefacts and change of
appearance in the final scan....

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong...?

Also, manual focus... how can you measure and set it like NS enables you to

Thanks for any feedback...


PS; Just tried another scan with film type set to TMax 400.... colour
artefacts have now gone. Sharpness seems to be same as NS scan... but am
getting more kind of spots on the neg....

Preview still stinks.....



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