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[filmscanners] Re: Polaroid SprintScan 120 Film Holders -- questions


With regard to the 35mm carrier, I set the filmstrip in so that the spacings 
are a little
ahead of the support bars.  There are "teeth" on the retaining frame that will 
engage into
the perfs as you lower the retainer.  The slide the retainer into the locking 
slowly, until the spacings are aligned with the support bars.

It gets a bit confusing with the 120 carrier.  With Insight, you can select the 
image format
on the Preview tab. Unfortunately, not all 120 format cameras index the film 
nor accurately.  Insight does provide some overscanning to compensate for the 
variances but,
if the camera indexing mechanism gets a little "gummy", the spacings may widen 
Insight's margins.  At that point the camera, or back, may need maintenance. 
The frame
spacing on my old Kowa Six's vary from about .125" to .212" and that is pretty 
much within
the scan zone of Insight.  Just make sure the first frame is closely cropped to 
the leading
edge of the carrier.  I haven't tried it but there is also an option to scan 
the full strip.

In VueScan, you can adjust the frame pitch with the "Frame Spacing", on the 
Device tab.  I
use the term "Frame Pitch" because this adjustment seems to be the distance 
from the leading
edge of one frame to the leading edge of the next frame.  With my experience, 
the dimensions
are assumed to be in centimeters. "Frame Offset" defines the lead position of 
the frame. You
will have to play around with these setting to get what you need.  My best 
results were
obtained with a "Frame Offset" setting of -.247 and a "Frame Spacing" of  6.25. 
setting may not work for you.

In SilverFast, there is a button on the image panel that is labeled "6.6".  
this button
toggles the format between 6X6, 6X7, and 6X9.  There seems to be ample overscan 
to cover
varying spacing.

Hope this is helpful,

Jim Sims

Victor Landweber wrote:

> To the list --
> A few questions about SprintScan 120 film holders:
> 1. How can I get 35mm film to stay aligned with the dividers and not shift
> when I close the 35mm film holder?
> 2. Is there a way to get the scanner to recognize the spacing of my 64.5
> negatives? My camera spaces the images very differently from that marked on
> the 2 film holder. The only solution I've thought up is to select one of
> the other film sizes with the hope that it will include the intended negative.
> 3. Does anyone have any experience in filing out the SprintScan 120 film
> holders so negatives can be scanned full-frame? Please say how you did it,
> and how it's working for you.
> I have Polocolor Insight, SilverFast AI 5.5, and VueScan.
> Thanks.
> -- Victor Landweber
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