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[filmscanners] Re: SS4000 Plus not to Europe!

Hi Harald,

I expect little isn't written in stone with Polaroid's scanner division
at this point.  It is in the midst of being sold and the future of
distribution is unclear at best.

What might have been intended by the answers to your questions is that
Polaroid's European distributor might not be the one who will be
bringing this scanner in.  Since the scanner division will become a
separate company, Polaroid's distribution channels may not be directly
involved in importation of the scanners once the company is sold off.

I can think of some reasons why the scanner might not be made available
in Europe.  The cost of bringing such a product in goes further than
just shipping it over.  The distribution chain needs to be provided with
training, as do the stores, ditto for the tech support and repair
people.  Parts have to be stocked, and probably more costly, all the
manuals have to be translated into numerous languages, and the item may
have to go through safety licensing.  All of this costs money to do, and
that isn't even considering any promotion and advertising, which again
requires translation.  As you likely know, certain trade laws require
the packaging and manuals to be translated into many European languages
for import.

If you are so set on getting the scanner, and it turns out Polaroid (or
whomever) isn't going to export to Europe, you may consider exporting
one yourself, I suppose.


Harald E Brandt wrote:

> Two days ago, I spoke to Scandinavian Photo (with Roger, a guy I have spoken 
>to MANY times the last few months) who had just spoken to Polaroid who said 
>that Polaroid did not intend to sell SS4000 Plus at all in Europe!!
> I was stunned, amazed, disappointed, ....
> The reason for not taking it to Europe was of course the Economic problems of 
>Polaroid, that they couldn't afford to market the machine. But to me, I 
>thought that the SS4000 was so well known that the Plus version didn't need 
>any new marketing - it is just a very good upgrade of the well respected 
>SS4000 (which is not sold any more)!
> I have been waiting for that SS4000 Plus ever since November last year, ever 
>since I heard of that it was "soon to be released". What a waste of good 
>technology not to sell the nice machine in Europe! What a waste of potential 
>income for Polaroid! I simply can't understand Polaroids decision. Is it 
>expensive to sell a machine already in production? A machine people already 
>are waiting for? Then why keep selling the 120 version which is such a low 
>volume thing? Strange! Now I have to rethink and buy something else....
> Or is the above information actually misinformation?
> David, please tell me that it is all wrong.....
> (But I can't wait another half a year.)
> __________________________BragIt___________________________
> Harald E Brandt     Harald@bragit.com     http://bragit.com

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