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[filmscanners] Re: My Public Apology

Tris writes:

> What kills me is that there's no way in
> the world to guess what others see on
> their monitors.

Yes, but if it's any consolation, you wouldn't be able to do anything about
it, anyway, even if you could see what they see.  So few people have
calibrated display systems, and displays differ so much in quality,
consistency, and user adjustments, that you'd never be able to produce
anything that would look the same on everyone's display, anyway.  On my Web
site I try to get things to look okay on my monitor (which is a very good
monitor that I've tried to at least partially calibrate) and leave it at
that.  Others may get anything from even better results to terribly bad
results, but I have no control over that.

> Frankly, until the industry comes up with
> some hard video standard we're all basically
> chasing our tails with online images and the
> critique of same.

Yup.  Flat-panel monitors are more amenable to standards that can be
respected and held, but right now, they are even worse than CRTs, so I'm not
holding my breath.  I keep hoping that my next monitor will be a flat panel
of equal or better image quality than my current CRT, but until they make
flat panels with 1600x1200 resolution and 20" diagonals that don't cost five
times as much as the equivalent CRT and provide the same image quality, I'll
have to make do with a CRT.  I'm hoping this CRT will last until that
changes.  Unfortunately CRT technology is essentially vacuum-tube
technology, and CRTs start deteriorating from the very first day you turn
them on.

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