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[filmscanners] Re: My Public Apology

>For an example of a recent scan, see
>This is a scan of a Velvia 6x6 transparency, ICE set to normal, no GEM or
>ROC, no other adjustments, and then tweaked in Photoshop (slight adjustments
>to levels).  There is more detail in the shadows than you see in this image,
>but I couldn't find a way to drag it out without blowing out the brighter
>parts of the image, and Photoshop won't let me do much in the way of
>selective masking in 16-bit mode.
>If you download the image and open it in Photoshop, it will look better (if
>you have monitor compensation turned on), because it is encoded for Adobe
>1998 RGB.
>The original scan is 40 times larger than this downsampled image.
>If you have a Mac, try
>This was scanned from a 6x6 Provia 100F transparency, same parameters as
>above, but encoded in Apple RGB (looks dark on a PC, but should look correct
>on a Mac).  Replace 1600x1024 with 1600x1200 to see a PC version.
>For an example of a 35mm scan, try
>This was Provia 100F again, same parameters as above except ICE turned off.
>The scan seems significantly better than scans made previously on the

Good images, Anthony.

May I ask what "monitor compensation" is and how I can find this switch
inside of PS v6? I've tried a SEARCH and came up empty. Sorry, but I use
Paint Shop Pro more than PS and the latter's still something of a mystery
to me except for the obvious functions.

Thanks for sharing those pics.


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