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[filmscanners] RE: Is there a way to scan a panoramic image withScanwit 2720

  • To: lexa@lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] RE: Is there a way to scan a panoramic image withScanwit 2720
  • From: "Jack Phipps" <JPhipps@asf.com>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 14:37:10 -0500
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If it were me, I would scan the left, then scan the right. At 24 by 36 mm
that should result in scans that are about 2550 by 2820. Bring both images
into an image editor and increase the canvas size on one to 6165 wide by the
same 2550 high. Select the entire image on the other one and bring it into a
separate layer. Turn the opacity down to about 50% on the top image, so you
can see the first image bleed through. Move the top lay until the images are
in alignment. You can then flatten the image. I haven't used the Acer
scanner in a while, so I can't remember how it operates. If you can turn off
the auto exposure, you should, so the two images will have the same
exposure. If not, you will have to adjust the two layers before you flatten
if there is a difference.

Good luck scanning!

Jack Phipps
Applied Science Fiction

From: Titus Tucan [mailto:titust@sympatico.ca]

Hi everybody,
I don't have and can't afford a medium format scanner.
I have a 6x6 slide that I cropped (physically cut the upper and the lower
part of the film with the scissors).
I would like to scan this piece of film which is as wide as the 35mm film
(24mm) and as long as the 6x6 film (about 58mm)
Too bad the film holder is made only for 35mm frames. But even if the film
holder was not covering the panoramic film with the frame separator, the
scanner software would not handle a such a format. Did somebody figure out a
trick to scan a such a film with an Acer scanner?
I was thinking as well to scan the left side of it and the right side of it
separately and then to stitch the two images together digitally.
But I don't know what is the best software to do this kind of thing.
Any ideas?


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