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[filmscanners] Re: Problems installing SS4000 in WinXP with PolaColor Insight 5.5.1

I uninstalled 5.0 before installing 5.5.1.  My problem was that XP would
never install the driver for the scanner.  After I installed 5.0, I was able
to have the add hardware wizard find the driver for the SS4000.  And once
that issue was cleared up, I uninstalled 5.0 and installed 5.5.1.  If you
run the add hardware wizard between your PCI installations, you should be
able to get it working.  If you just install 5.0, uninstall 5.0, install
5.5.1, and then run the add hardware wizard last, it might not.

Another issue that might have affected my installation was that I did not
reboot as often as the prompts told me to.  I just got tired of it, XP
shouldn't need to reboot all that much.  Here is exactly what you should do
to follow my steps (if my memory serves me well):

1. Boot with SS4000 on and connected.
2. The add hardware wizard will pop up and fail to find drivers
3. In device manager, right click on SS4000 (it should be a ? icon), and
4. turn off SS4000
5. install PCI 5.0
6. turn on SS4000
7. Run the add hardware wizard (and it should be able to find and install
the SS4000 driver now)
8. uninstall PCI 5.0
9. install PCI 5.5.1
10. reboot.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Owen P. Evans" <opevans@ca.inter.net>
To: <davekent@davekent.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 7:45 AM
Subject: Re: [filmscanners] Problems installing SS4000 in WinXP with
PolaColor Insight 5.5.1

> Owen P. Evans
> Osgoode, Ontario. Canada
> (near our nation's capital; Ottawa)
> Hi Dave,
> I tried the same exasperating efforts last week and no one had a fix.
> I am now back using PCI 5.0 and it works fine in XP Home Edition. Did you
> uninstall the 5.0 before loading 5.5.1? The install information tells me
> uninstall 5.0 & then install 5.5.1 and this never worked. Are you saying
> installed 5.5.1.right over top of 5.0??
> Thanks,
> Owen
> p.s. - I told Dave Hemingway about this last week & he sent my mail onto
> engineers responsible for the software at Polaroid; no response as yet.

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