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[filmscanners] Re: Dust on CCD? Artixscan 4000T/SS4000

I've no experience with your scanner, however, it seems to me that the
simplest thing would be to take a slide or negative that you'd previously
farmed out, scan it and compare that with the other. Also, to see whether
you have a dust problem, the best thing is to view the images in magnified
mode, probably x4 as a first try, and if you have a serious dust problem,
it should show up at that point. In general, the larger the prints, the
more of a problem you would have with dust, or scratches.

At 08:28 PM 03/13/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>I sent the following query to the list last Sunday but wonder if it ever
>appeared as I've not had any response.  It was around the time Tony was
>having server problems.  Apologies if it did show up.
>Until this week, I've farmed out all my scanning needs. This was purely due
>to the limited amount of images I was manipulating.
>I've now bought an Artixscan 4000T. It was an ex-demo model on sale from
>Leeds Photovisual (UK). Leeds had a better deal on new SS4000s but were all
>sold out. Since the unit is ex-demo, I'm concerned about dust which may have
>collected on the CCD while it was sitting in the shop.
>As a start, I could squeeze some air into the opening but I don't know if
>this would do more harm than good. I would rather not have to take the
>machine apart but will do so if this would be the best option. Any thoughts
>from experienced users out there?
>Regardless of the cleaning, I'm still planning to make test scans. As I'm
>new to this scanner, I wouldn't know what to look for in my tests for dust,
>performance etc. Can anyone who owns a 4000T or SS4000 give me some
>One thought was just to scan in the Q60 test slide and compare with a
>similar scan done by another 4000T/SS4000 owner. If anyone is interested in
>helping me with this, please mail me off list.  I'd be eternally grateful.
>BTW, I'm running Win2000 on an Athlon machine with 512MB RAM.
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