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[filmscanners] Dust on CCD? Artixscan 4000T/SS4000

  • To: lexa@lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Dust on CCD? Artixscan 4000T/SS4000
  • From: "K2 Chittin" <k2_chittin@hotmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 20:28:05 +0000
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I sent the following query to the list last Sunday but wonder if it ever
appeared as I've not had any response.  It was around the time Tony was
having server problems.  Apologies if it did show up.
Until this week, I've farmed out all my scanning needs. This was purely due
to the limited amount of images I was manipulating.

I've now bought an Artixscan 4000T. It was an ex-demo model on sale from
Leeds Photovisual (UK). Leeds had a better deal on new SS4000s but were all
sold out. Since the unit is ex-demo, I'm concerned about dust which may have
collected on the CCD while it was sitting in the shop.

As a start, I could squeeze some air into the opening but I don't know if
this would do more harm than good. I would rather not have to take the
machine apart but will do so if this would be the best option. Any thoughts
from experienced users out there?

Regardless of the cleaning, I'm still planning to make test scans. As I'm
new to this scanner, I wouldn't know what to look for in my tests for dust,
performance etc. Can anyone who owns a 4000T or SS4000 give me some

One thought was just to scan in the Q60 test slide and compare with a
similar scan done by another 4000T/SS4000 owner. If anyone is interested in
helping me with this, please mail me off list.  I'd be eternally grateful.

BTW, I'm running Win2000 on an Athlon machine with 512MB RAM.


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