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[filmscanners] Re: VueScan Long Pass (was: noise in Canon FS4000)

Roger sent me some samples of his experiments with Vuescan's long pass
using the Minolta Dual II recently, since I also own one, and it is
really a substantial improvement over what Minolta's software can do
(pretty ugly green noise in the shadows) and a reasonable improvement
over Vuescan's one pass scan, as well.

I have tried Vuescan with the multiple pass on the Minolta, (I tried 4
scans) and it makes a slight improvement over the one pass and Minolta's
software, but the long pass was a considerable improvement over the
multi-pass, and I assume it also saves a lot of time as well.

I haven't yet tried the long pass in the newer Vuescan versions... I
believe i tried an older one with the Dimage Dual II and it was not very
good (if memory serves me... I could be wrong on that), but what Roger
sent recently showed a marked improvement over both Minolta's software
and the one pass in Vuescan.  In fact, for anyone serious about scanning
with the Minolta Dual II, who is working with slides with darker areas
or underexposure, it is probably a worthwhile investment.


Roger Smith wrote:

> At 2:12 PM +0000 3/1/02, Steve Greenbank wrote:
>>There is a perceived problem with noise with the Canon FS4000.
>>I wondered if the problem was related to the scanning software as I get much
>>less noise with Vuescan on a Microtek Artixscan 4000T (these are frequently
>>perceived as having more noise than Polaroid SS4000 - perhaps its the
>>software not better quality control as suggested on this list).
>       I think there is something to this. I get better scans using
> VueScan from my Minolta Scan Dual II - less noise as well as better
> colour.
>       On a related topic - I've recently been using the Long Pass
> feature in VueScan, again with the Scan Dual II, and I'm amazed at
> the reduction in shadow noise. I stopped using Long Pass with my
> earlier Canon FS2710, because of a CCD overload problem which
> produced bright red smears in the scans. The Minolta doesn't seem to
> suffer from this problem, and I've been getting good scans from some
> previously almost unusable dark slides.
> Regards,
> Roger Smith

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