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[filmscanners] Re: Digital ICE

I'm sure he isn't going to tell you (if he did he'd probably have to
kill you ;-))

You might take the time to read the info from the link Jack supplied.
It goes through the process, as much as they are going to release.

The process is fascinating, and I'm very impressed with the results they
show.  Of course, the samples are small and jpegged so who knows what
the resolution is really all about.

I assume the original film is lost in the process, so all you have is
the digital result, and then we're back onto the archiving issues.
ALso, if the machine messes up, it appears that the film is only good
for recording the digital image for a short period, so if it doesn't cut
the CD correctly, I guess its gone.

The process is absolutely fascinating in terms of a very quick way to
take images and make them into digital results.  I think the whole
process is under 10 minutes a roll, and I agree that until digital
cameras end up $10-20 bucks its a great way to get a digital result from
a toss away camera.  ASF makes a point of the fact that there are
numerous environmental advantages.  No running water needed, little
chemistry, and the full silver of the film can be recycled.

BUT, silver is almost fully recovered now, there are at least "no
running water" color printing systems and maybe even C-41 now, and you
can get a digital copy of a neg or slide film for a few bucks at most
labs these days.

SO, the big advantage is less chemistry and liquid (although I have no
idea is or how toxic the chemicals they do use are) and that it is very

Now, if they can also come up with a way to make the film re-exposable,
THAT would really be getting somewhere!!


Preben S. Kristensen wrote:

>>and Digital PIC our new process for scanning exposed undeveloped film.
> Jack,
> This sounds interesting, but how will it work??
> Preben

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