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Re: filmscanners: Batch image processing software (Windows)?

"Mark Otway" <mark@otway.com> asked:
"So, is there a good quality app which will allow me to select, say, 50
images and rotate them all one after the other (whilst I go and get my

"Any recommendations greatfully received."


What scanning software are you using?

I use VueScan and  have Irfanview
<http://www.ryansimmons.com/users/irfanview/> installed as a quick file
viewer. I have VueScan rotate all images such that the horizontal ones
are properly rotated. Each scan I do comes up in Irfanview as it is
written to disk. The Ifranview image can easily be rotated and saved
with a keystroke or two each. This is quicker than doing the rotation in
Photoshop. However, Ifranview strips any profile from the image (I
attach Adobe 1998 profiles to all my RGB images), so when the image is
opened in Photoshop, a profile must be attached again. Irfanview is free
and is a good overall image viewer. It also has a good slide-show

Do all your images need to be rotated, and in the same direction? I
suppose you could open them all in Irfanview, close the ones that are
correctly oriented and rotate the ones that need rotating.

Preston Earle


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