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filmscanners: Re: SprintScan 120 Success with VueScan 7.2.8

EdHamrick@aol.com wrote:

> I've also scanned a really, really dark slide that I have, and
> the SprintScan 120 has virtually _no_ noise in the dark areas -
> the images look quite nice.  There's no need for multi-scanning
> on this scanner.

Sprintscan 120 made the best impression of the scanner I could try out
on this years CeBit.

Not only no visual noise, but the best Dmax of all scanners I could
try out so far. My very contrasty 35mm Test slide scanned very well,
very fast, resulting in close to perfect result, no blown out
highlights, full detail in the shadows without noise, without much
fiddling in the scan program.

Coolscan 4000 demonstration wasn't convincing. Problems with dark
shadow detail. Either the demonstrator wasn't very skilful or the
scanner isn't as capable as promised.

Coolscan 8000 were shown as prototypes, not all function working, as
the demonstrators explained.

Canon FS4000 looked promising, only they (Mac) scan program was an
beta version, not all function working (no 48bit). 

Worst noise problems had the Kodak 3600 scanner. 

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