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RE: RE: filmscanners: X-ray scanners/etc

>From the Kodak site:

In the United States, at the boarding gates for domestic flights,
regulations require that x-ray inspection be conducted only with low-output
devices. These devices subject luggage to less than 1 milliroentgen of x-ray
exposure per inspection, which should not perceptibly fog most camera-type
films. However, the effects of x-rays on film are cumulative. It is
therefore possible for films to be significantly fogged by repeated
exposures of less than 1 milliroentgen each but totaling 5 milliroentgens or
higher. If you carry any very high-speed films, request a visual inspection.
So, when you travel within the United States, requests for visual
inspections should be unnecessary--unless more than five inspections are
encountered with the same film or when you carry very high-speed films. In
general, it is a good idea to avoid repeated exposure of your film to


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Jack Phipps <JPhipps@asf.com> wrote:

>I just got back from NYC in early November. They would not let me have my
>film hand inspected. 

No need for hand inspection in the uSA. Regular airport X-Rays do not harm
400 ASA film. I have flown many hundreds of times over the last 25 years in
the USA, always with a camera. Never had a visible problem.

Checked baggage will be x-rayed with a more powerful machine -- certain to
damage film. Never check undeveloped film.

Non-US machines may vary, and may zap your film -- I have only had a few
dozen trips through european x-rays, with no noticable trouble, but evey
country could be different.


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