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Re: filmscanners: Light Source (Nikon LS40 vs. Minolta Scan Elite II)

Mikael Risedal wrote:

> Thanks for the informativ information Arthur.
> Here is a  another picture to discusse.
> Hope all can se the extra lines in the Nikon test
> Best regards
> Mikael Risedal

In regard to your most recent jpeg posting of a diagonal set of black 
and white lines, as others have mentioned this appears to be the jaggies 
discussed many times before, and I believe it was found to be a timing 
problem with the SCSI system, or simply that the scanner and 
software/computer couldn't maintain timing somehow.

What I am more interested in is the sharpnness issue.  Obviously, the 
Nikon scan is sharper, but I was wondering what happens when the image 
is manipulated with unsharp masking.  I have found that a good scanner 
image can  use considerable USM with minimal negative fallout.  Noisy 
scanners suffer with this, but from recent observations I no longer 
judge a scanner's quality by looking at the scan prior to unsharp 
masking, since most scans require it anyway.

I'd like to see the same two jpeg images made after judicious use of USM 
was used by both, just to see if the Nijkon still appears to have the 
sharpness benefit it would appear to.



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