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filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Light Source (Nikon LS40 vs. Minolta Scan Elite II)

Mikael wrote:
>Thanks for the informativ information Arthur.
>Here is a  another picture to discusse.
>Hope all can se the extra lines in the Nikon test

That looks like the "Nikon jaggies" to me.  Scan lines at a regular interval
are being offset.  These are not "extra lines".  They are the scan lines
which are supposed to be there, offset by a pixel or two.  The problem is
apparently caused by vibrations in the steppers when Nikonscan reads 64K
at a time instead of line by line.  Ed Hamrick was able to eliminate this
from the LS30 with Vuescan by reading line by line.

I thought Nikon had worked with Ed to eliminate this problem in Nikonscan
3.1.  Mikael, were you using Nikonscan 3.1?  Have you tried Vuescan?


PS I do still get occasional offset scanlines, but not the sawtooth patterns
Nikonscan used to produce that made the scanner virtually useless.

PPS Saw about 50 meteorites last night in between the passing clouds.  Bummer
that the weather couldn't cooperate!

Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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