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RE: filmscanners: Re: 120 Scanners Minolta/Nikon/Polaroid

As far as I heard the Minolta Multi Pro offers optical 4800dpi full frame
resolution for 35mm and 3200 dpi optical full frame for MF.

Alex Z

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Subject: filmscanners: Re: 120 Scanners Minolta/Nikon/Polaroid

Just  a quick question although I may have missed the discussion on it

Having a look at 3 120 scanners

Minolta Scan Multi pro
How does this work with the optical resolution of 4800x4800 for 35mm and
(interpolated) x 4800 for 120

I know its dual lens system but is it worth a look at to buy?? or should one
get a full optical resolution type for 120 film.

Nikon LS8000
 There were a few comments with this and its mainly with the software are
there still any known regular problems??

Polaroid ss120

This was recommended as being good value and better scan than the Nikon.
is the current state of Polaroid -  service wise and production. Development

Thanks for any input



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