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RE: filmscanners: pushing dynamic range on the nikon 4000ed--What isAnalog Gain

Is the Analog Gain a unique setting/feature on the Nikon scanner? Is there
something equivalent on the SS4000 (via its native Insight or via VueScan)?


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Subject: Re: filmscanners: pushing dynamic range on the nikon 4000ed

o Do a preview scan then look at the histogram in the Curves panel.
If you don't have histogram data extending all the way to the right
end of the scale then bump up the Analog Gain and update the preview
until the histogram data extends to just short of the right edge of
the scale.  When done properly this can make a vast improvement in
the shadow detail and overall tonality of the scan.

o In summary, I've gotten the best scans OF KODACHROME SLIDES by (a)
turning off color management, (b) setting the appropriate film type,
(c) Setting the analog gain if necessary, (d) Applying a custom
profile to the final scan.  I've gotten the best prints by tweaking
my profiles to match professionally produced reference prints.  Room
lighting and print-viewing lighting makes a huge difference in
whether what you see (on the monitor or on a print) is really what
you've got.


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