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Re: filmscanners: RAID and scratch

At 04:18 PM 17/11/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I hope that the consensus wasn't that RAID was off topic, just the nature of
>that conversation, but as there were some rather knowledgeable folks here I
>can't just let wise sleeping dogs lie....
>I will be setting up an 60GB two disk IDE RAID 0 using and Acard PCI RAID
>controller in a Mac G4, (999MB RAM allocated to PS), and I'm wondering if it
>is possible to partition a RAID, and if so if it makes sense to devote a
>partition to Photoshop scratch space? As I said, I'll use two 60GB drives
>for the RAID 0, and have another single 60GB disk for backup and OS, etc. So
>I'm wondering if it makes more sense to use a partition of the RAID for
>scratch space (probably 5 GB, as my files can be around 600MB with a few
>open at a time) or if that would be better taken for the single disk backup

You handle a RAID 0 drive exactly as you would any other drive -- the
spanning is transparent to the user.

As to the PS scratch space -- you really have to decide this according to
your circumstances.

In general, the RAID partition would be faster, but not by as much as you
might think, since it would also be creating more seeks on the primary
drive, thus slowing it down quite a bit.



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