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filmscanners: RAID and scratch

I hope that the consensus wasn't that RAID was off topic, just the nature of
that conversation, but as there were some rather knowledgeable folks here I
can't just let wise sleeping dogs lie....

I will be setting up an 60GB two disk IDE RAID 0 using and Acard PCI RAID
controller in a Mac G4, (999MB RAM allocated to PS), and I'm wondering if it
is possible to partition a RAID, and if so if it makes sense to devote a
partition to Photoshop scratch space? As I said, I'll use two 60GB drives
for the RAID 0, and have another single 60GB disk for backup and OS, etc. So
I'm wondering if it makes more sense to use a partition of the RAID for
scratch space (probably 5 GB, as my files can be around 600MB with a few
open at a time) or if that would be better taken for the single disk backup


Todd Flashner


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