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filmscanners: Minolta Scan Multi/Polaroid 45/Nikon 8000/Polaroid 120

I want to scan my wedding pictures which of shot on MF. Unfortunately,
I only have an SS4000 so I need to get a MF scanner for a couple of
days. I was looking for a Nikon 8000 or Polaroid 120 but nobody seems
to rent either of them. The only thing I found is a Minolta Scan Multi
for $50/day and a Polaroid 45 (what's the difference between the
45/45i/45ultra?) for $150/weekend. The later would be quite far an
cumbersom to pick up. So I wonder which scanner you would suggest.
Except for a dozen or so pictures I won't need very high resolution.
Actually, dynamic range seems to be more of an issue for the negs I got
back. Are the Minolta Scan Multi and Polaroid 45 much inferior in these
areas compared to the Nikon 8000/Polaroid 120?
Or does anybody know a place in the SF bay area where I could rent a
Nikon 8000/Polaroid 120 for a weekend?



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