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Re: filmscanners: Canon 4000 ppi film scanner

I have an Artixscan 4000 (similar to SS4000) which has scratches removing
hardware, so I may confirm the penible many hours of retouching (even with a
Wacom tablet).

As I print up to A3+ and I tend towards sometimes too much perfectionism, I
have already thought this as an inevitable step because I read many times
that scratches removing software always softens the image.

Now, the doubt came and I never saw other scanners nor I know in the world
outdoors (in this and some other lists I feel like home   :-)     ) other
persons working in digital. Usually, I am not pressed by time when I work.

The scratches removing software has negligible side effects even in A3+
prints or my penible many hours of retouching are worth? TIA.

Mrio Teixeira

----- Original Message -----
From: "tom" <ch_fs@yahoo.com>

| > I'm still at this junction struggling between choosing SS4000 or
| > FS4000, although for about 90% settled for SS4000.
| I do not want to say that FS4000 is better choice
| but IMO scanner without infrared channel is just a mistake. You will spend
| hours
| on dust and scratches removing.
| Tom
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