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Re: filmscanners: Question about Vuescan

At 11:56 AM 10/28/2001 -0800, Ken Durling wrote:
>I also like your workflow idea.  Unfortunately, the FS2710 has no
>batch scan function, so I have to feed 'em one at a time.  However,
>for raw files, I could dispense with the Preview and cut the time by
>about half, right?  Or is the Preview necessary for the scanner to
>evaluate the image?

With my previous film scanner, a Microtek 35t+, I also had to insert slides 
one at a time. It's a pain, but it can still work out fairly efficiently: 
Pull slide from box, brush or spray (I use a CO2 cartridge spray) both 
sides to remove dust, insert slide, hit "Scan" on Vuescan. When the scan is 
about 50% complete, pull the next slide, etc. Keep the box covered between 
pulls to reduce dust settling (unless you are lucky enough to have a HEPA 
filter in your scanning room).

In Vuescan, you don't need to preview to scan and output raw files. That is 
the feature I like best about Vuescan--the ability to scan a negative or 
slide once and only once and then re-scan the resulting raw file and 
manipulate it. I really don't like to subject my negatives and slides to 
any more light than absolutely necessary. The raw scan feature of Vuescan 
means I don't even have to preview. Of course, you do have to be careful to 
maintain some ordering of the negatives and transparencies so they can be 
matched up to the scans later in the wonderful, if unlikely (for me 
anyway), event that someone wants to publish your image and needs the 
original for publication purposes.

Photography by Stan McQueen: http://www.smcqueen.com


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