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Re: filmscanners: Question about Vuescan

On Sun, 28 Oct 2001 10:46:54 -0600, you wrote:

>As I remember it, Ed Hamrick (creator of Vuescan) has said that if you use 
>one of the slide settings, the program will attempt to make the scan look 
>like the original scene by applying the profile to make corrections. If you 
>use the "Image" selection (which ignores any profiles), the program will 
>make the scan look like the slide. Since I like the deeply saturated look 
>of Velvia, I use the "Image" setting, so that the saturation is retained, 
>rather than being desaturated to match the actual scene. I would suggest 
>that, if you like the way the slide looks, use the "Image" setting and 
>don't worry about profiles for slide film.
>My workflow is to scan all the slides into raw files when I get them from 
>the lab, then re-scan the raw files from disk at a later time. In this way, 
>each slide is only scanned once and it is scanned fresh from the box 
>without giving dust a chance to settle on it. With the Polaroid SprintScan 
>4000, I can load the slide holder with four slides, insert them into the 
>scanner, and tell Vuescan to scan frames 1-4 as raw scans, then go away and 
>do something else while the scanning takes place. Very convenient.

Thanks for finalizing that clarification, Stan.  I think the awareness
of what the "image" setting is was just starting to dawn, only having
had the program a week.  I am definitely going to try that.  

I also like your workflow idea.  Unfortunately, the FS2710 has no
batch scan function, so I have to feed 'em one at a time.  However,
for raw files, I could dispense with the Preview and cut the time by
about half, right?  Or is the Preview necessary for the scanner to
evaluate the image?



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