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Re: Re: filmscanners: Minolta Scan Multi Pro REVIEW???

Thanks for that Petru - I must have missed that wonderful Tony Sleep 
contribution :)

I too have grave doubts about the Imaging Resource reviews - as Tony says, 
their comments about never having seen a >2800 dpi scanner and the fact that 
they were seemingly unaware of grain-aliasing until recently, makes me take 
their reviews with, er, a large dose of salts.. :)

My own ability to extract a good scan has increased in leaps and bounds over 
the last 2 years so I am very wary of reading into sample scans, even if they 
are by 'experts'.  I reckon you have to use a scanner for quite a while and 
work hard at extracting the absolute maximum before you can claim to be getting 
it 'all'.

I guess I am now such a cynic I won't believe anybody..!

mark t
Petru said:
> I wouldn't rely too much on imaging-resource's
> scanner reviews....

> PS: if you would like to have a good laugh, see Tony Sleep's message..
> http://www.mail-archive.com/filmscanners%40halftone.co.uk/msg07350.html

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